What is TIATA?

TIATA is an established association which aims to represent the worldwide TA community in Ireland.

Our Vision

Our vision, objectives and priorities are:

  • To advance the education of TA with relevant professional bodies, public agencies, government and corporate organisations and with the public generally with regard to the study, theory and practice of Transactional Analysis and its application.
  • To advance the education of persons seeking a qualification in Transactional Analysis.

  • To advance the education of persons qualified in Transactional Analysis by providing further training for the continuation of their personal and professional development.
  • To advance the education in Transactional Analysis of practitioners who are not members of the association, with the purpose of raising standards of Transactional Analysis for the benefit of the public in general.

  • To increase the general awareness of and interest in TA.

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Our Values

Our values are in accordance with the philosophical assumptions of TA, which are:

  • Everyone is OK – TIATA holds to this philosophical assumption which means that every Human is created equally and has inherent worth, value and dignity to be respected and to underpin all relationships and interactions.
  • Everyone has the capacity to think for themselves – All Humans have the ability to grow through their experience and learn to problem solve situations to enhance their own life and the lives of others.
  • Everyone can make decisions, and these decisions can be changed – All Humans can make choices that can enhance their lives and the lives and wellbeing of others and education and self-awareness increases the ability to make these choices wisely. TA is a framework to enhance these decisions.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote Transactional Analysis to the Irish public through:

  • Publications, multimedia, conferences, courses and other training events and the dissemination of information and advertising

  • To maintain and develop co-operation with other national and international professional bodies to further Transactional Analysis

  • To apply for, seek, obtain and accept grants and to raise funds and seek financial assistance to provide provision enough to promote Transactional Analysis effectively in all parts of the Island of Ireland.

  • To raise funds, invite and receive contributions from anyone through membership subscriptions to achieve the vision of the association

Working in collaboration with ITAA

International Transactional Analysis Association