TIATA is an informal Membership Association in Ireland.

We have an executive committee to run and provide the governance of TIATA activities. The executive committee members are elected at the AGM and are TIATA members who may belong to any field of TA application – Psychotherapy, Organisations, Counselling and Education and contribute a wide range of experience and expertise and may represent any level of TA training.

Our Executive Committee

The current executive committee is comprised of the below members who volunteer and have been elected by the membership. The committee meets 3 times a year to discuss TIATA business and plan events.

President & Training & Affiliation Officer

Jason Brennan

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        Secretary & PR Officer

Colm Grogan

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Treasurer & Membership Officer

John Fleming

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Are you interested in joining the executive committee?

The executive committee has 7 main roles: Chairperson, President, Secretary, Treasurer, PRO, Membership Officer and Training & Affiliation Officer. Ideally we have 7 people on the committee, as this is not always possible, sometimes roles are doubled up. 

The main requirement for joining the committee is lots of enthusiasm about TA (Basic IT, communication and admin skills are useful too, but no specialised knowledge is necessary as we will provide support). New committee members are voted in each year at the AGM. 

The committee meets in March, August and October. The March meeting is to get an update on membership and plan for our April in-person event, the August meeting is to plan for our September in-person event and our October meeting is to plan for the AGM. 

To contact the Committee please email hello@tiata.ie

What does the committee do for the membership?
  • Organise two 1-day in-person events each year that are held in person in Dublin in April and September.
  • In addition, TIATA holds four online meet-ups for 2 hours on the 2nd Sunday of Jan, Feb, May and June.
  • We produce a Quarterly Newsletter which is issued to all members via email in March, June, September & December.
  • Prepares documentation and files account for the AGM which all members are welcome to attend and is held on the 2nd Sunday of November.