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If you want to join TIATA for the first time you have to apply for membership.

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TIATA is a membership association and membership is open to anyone with an interest in Transactional Analysis on the Island of Ireland. If you would like to join TIATA for the first time you need to apply for membership. All TIATA members are required to be members of EATA, if you are not already a member of EATA via another national association then you are required to become a member via TIATA. 

TIATA is not an accrediting professional or examining body. All practising members are expected to be members of an accrediting body such as UKATA, EATA, ITAA, IAHIP or IACP etc. 

TIATA promotes Irish issues at a national and international level with relevant professional bodies. 

Membership Expectations

TIATA requires all members to abide by TIATA’s policies – which you can view here.

Membership Benefits
  • Free Online Workshops / Webinars – TIATA holds four online workshops & webinars each year which are free to members.
  • Member Directory – all members are offered the opportunity to be included in our Members Directory.
  • Quarterly Newsletter – so you can stay up to date with what is happening in the global world of TA and TA in Ireland – this is issued to all members via email in March, June, September & December. 
  • Members Area – a dedicated area where we store member resources, event recordings and other relevant information.
  • Networking – the opportunity to make new connections personally and professionally.
  • Social Events – we aim to facilitate the opportunity for two social events each year, one during the summer and one at Christmas.
  • AGM – all members are welcome to attend our annual general meeting which is held on the 2nd Sunday of November each year.
How much should I pay?

Your TIATA membership fee depends on your qualifications and level of training, you can also join as a supporting member if you wish to have non-professional membership.. There may be some administrative fees for certain types of payments. A breakdown of what you pay is provided.

Membership Fees 2023
Category Fee
Qualified Member (TA Diploma or above) €50
Trainee Member / Retired Member €40
Supporting Member €30
Membership Fees 2024 onwards – Post EATA Affiliation
Category TIATA Only Fee TIATA & EATA Fee
Regular Member (Diploma or above) €55 €65
TA Trainee / Student / Retired Member €45 €55
Supporting Member €35 €45
Honorary Member – by invitation of the Executive Committee Complimentary n/a
From 2024 onwards all TIATA members are required to be members of EATA. If you are already a member of EATA via another national affiliated association then you can pay the TIATA only fee, otherwise you are required to pay the TIATA & EATA fee.
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Members are notified of renewals in advance via email each year – these are due for payment before your renewal date

Please note that late payment of renewal fees may mean a late payment fee of 15 euro is applied.

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